In general, the standard of service or the internal operation of the using company improves; the business and organizational operation will be more cost effective and profitable.

Feature Advantage Benefit
Less employees required The company saves on the salaries, contributions, and other expenses connected to employment What is not an expense is a profit – cost reduction
More work is done The work efficiency of the existing employees increases, the existing tools are better utilized The employees work more without any extra wage costs
Shorter time required The data on the paper will get to the traditional processing quicker, the data service speeds up Data can be made available quicker, i.e. decisions can be made quicker, data can be supplied quicker, quicker accounting etc., the standard of the service improves, the business operation speeds up – information is money

OcuLens can be used on its own if we intend to deliver the data on paper forms into the Excel spreadsheet application. However, usually OcuLens is part of a complex business process so it is integrated into a larger IT system where the bottleneck has been the entering of the external data on papers so far.