[KRAFTWERK] Unhappy fan

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Thu Apr 1 05:41:21 CEST 2004

No offense to him, but I wanted to laugh when I started reading it. 
Especially the part where he "blew it" and then went back with the pen.  He 
should have just let it go. Now mind you, I understand his side of it, as a 
fan, but Petter is right.  Now maybe it's because we (me and my brother) 
took a picture of Ralf (not with)  and did get an autograph, but if we 
didn't, it still woudn't have changed.

Even taking the picture, I felt as if I somehow violated Ralf's space.  But 
not so much as to not take it. The opportunity presented itself and I took 
it :P

Like other's have said,  Florian will walk by and ignore you. Hell, it 
happened to us in SF. We all just laughed.  But you have to remember , they 
are human.  No offense, but does Kraftwerk owe anybody anything?  Sure, they 
owe you a good performance and your hard-earned money's worth for their 
products and concert tickets, but for othe requests and for whatever their 
reasons, I don't think they owe anybody anything.

Now mind you, I intend to do my best to see if I can meet them again, but if 
it doesn't happen, oh well big deal.

I feel kinda of sorry for him in a way also.  Happiness comes from within.  
Never put your happiness in anybody else's hand.

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>Subject: Re: [KRAFTWERK] Unhappy fan
>Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 02:33:30 +0200
>Shaun Vaughan wrote:
> > This guy's not happy with Ralf
> >
> > http://www.dancefrontdoor.co.uk/article2646.html
>I can't stop thinking that if you're obsessing with pictures and
>autographs... haven't you kind of missed the whole point with Kraftwerk?
>/ Petter

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