Re(2): [KRAFTWERK] (Was: Florian) Now, Fritz's hair ;)

abcdvitamin(MzDe) abcdvitamin at
Mon Apr 12 21:09:26 CEST 2004

--- Georg Jajus <Georgie at> wrote:
> Maybe try and check out
> ;-)

What, you think I haven't already? ;)  
> BTW, there is a really funny thing, a TV-spot for
> one of these erotic/sex/contact telephone lines in
> the advertisement break of RTL2 during the night
> programmes, which uses a shourt sample/loop of
> Kraftwerk's "Der Telefon Anruf".

"The number you've reached has been disconnected" ;)

> Gruesse aus Wien,
> Georgie

"'I call you up all night and day', indeed! Heh."

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