[KRAFTWERK] the great error of cdecibel sintetico

Jan R dasfestistzuendeaus at yahoo.de
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Ralf is clearly singing "decibel sintetico" (at 2'55). The robovox at 3'45
indeed sounds like "flexible sintetico".



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	First, l beg your pardon for the ausence of apostrophes but my
computer keyboard is broken in this key, sorry. l m tired by one mistake
that all you can see in all the pages of internet about the Technopop lyrics
in spanish. All the translators said "sonido electronico, decibel sintetico"
(electronic sound, sintetic db) and all are mistyaked. Ralph sais"sonido
electronico, flexible sintetico" (electronic sound, flexible and sintetic)
wich is more powerfull and full of sense. For me this words are and
authentic and an absolute principles declaration in a time when the
electronic music (1.986) was beging to be too much static for the extreme
use of presets on dx7 or similar synts. Just then, with the house explosion
and other movements, the electronic music truned again to the flexibility of
the beguin when the sound was changing all the time, situation that obligued
to the synth brands to return to put a miriad of butons to their own
products. For me the word "flexible" is a very important choice in this
aparently simple line and, obviously, decibel for me is nothig. It s thru
that this word falls at the same time that a hard noise of electronic
percussion and maybe the comprension of the precise phonema is a bit
blurred. But l have documentation about to this important afirmation in
rewievs of the time, more precisely in the "Musica y tecnologia" article of
1986, at this time the most important electronic music magazine  in spanish
language. Sorry for my terrible english. l hope that you can understand my
incorrect expressions, thankyou and robotic kisses for all you! :)


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