[Kraftwerk] first three albums also remastered? tss tss... ;-)

Filtre4Pole catmeow at wanadoo.fr
Thu Apr 29 19:02:22 CEST 2004

le 29/04/2004 13:18, Jan R à dasfestistzuendeaus at yahoo.de a écrit :

> Filtre4Pole wrote:
>> Kraftwerk have highly developed since. Therefore (except of
>> course for some
>> early-years fans or die hard fans/collectors) these earlier
>> albums are not
>> worth a reissue (artistic + concept critera).
> I'm with you in case of the first two albums, although they are much more
> original than most of the other "krautrock" products of that time.
That's right, Kraftwerk have always sounded *unique* anyway.
> But "Ralf & Florian" for me has much more in common with "Autobahn" than
> "Autobahn" has in common with "Radio Activity".

Funny, I do think the contrary ;-)
Though I'd say "Autobahn" is closer to TEE than "Radio-activity"...

Maybe, perhaps,

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