[KRAFTWERK] Kraftwerk - Remasters - new covers

Nicolau Centola nicolau at polipress.com.br
Thu Feb 5 15:45:47 CET 2004

I cannot agree with you. Actually we don´t have information if all the albums will be just remastered or re-recorded, as they did with TdF83 at TdF Soundtracks.

If they just remaster the tracks, there are no NEW albums. They are just new editions of the old catalogue. So, the sleeves, IMHO should remain the same, don´t you think?

IF they re-record the tracks, or even ad new tracks (unreleased, remixes and so on... which IMHO will not occur), they can change the sleeves. In this case, we are talking about new albums. We, of course they can do what they want... hehehe

Another question: will the new mastered be released both in german and english versions? And what about french and japanese tracks? And Electric Cafe Ediccion Espanhola? Just dreams....

These chances in the sleeve, subtracting Flur & Bartos remember me one history about Ozzy Osbourne. He re-released some albums, changing the original drummer by another one. Is it correct? Just because Flur & Bartos are not more with KW should they be deleted from credits and sleeves? What do you think? So all bands that have chances in their line ups should just delet the references about old members? It´s not correct, IMHO. Flur & Bartos will be ever co-workers of seminal albums like Computerworld, TEE and so on...



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> why complaining about the covers? this is a new release so why should'nt 
> they updating the artwork and booklets? you all have the original 
> editions i guess, so if you like the old covers so much just stick with 
> the original releases.

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