[Kraftwerk] Helsinki recording

youwine youwine at freemail.hu
Mon Feb 9 15:14:11 CET 2004

Having been to Paris in 2002, I regret to inform you that there was no 
supporting act to the Kraftwerk show.

Shaun Vaughan <sv at creative-genius.fsnet.co.uk> írta:

> Just ordered this album. There are some snippets to listen to, sounds 
> good.
> Another landmark album of essential electronic music from UK ( 
Manchester )
> native Carl Finlow. The pedigree of music spread across the 12 
> tracks on this killer album is snapped clearly into focus when you 
> that Mr.Finlow served as support act to KRAFTWERK ( a real rarity ) 
> they performed a series of live gigs in Paris last year. What we have 
> are 12 tracks of quite beautifully constructed electronic music : melodic
> and lush arrangements mixing with driving basslines and stunning, 
> rhythms to create effortless and infectious tracks. "Electrilogy Plus" 
> classic electro influences spanning Kraftwerk, John Foxx, YMO
> http://www.musicnonstop.co.uk/store/erol.html#18273x18275
> Shaun

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