[KRAFTWERK] help identifying a song?

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Damn, I can't think of anything...

The only KW songs with women voices:
'The Telephone Call' (1986)
'Sex Object' (1986)
'Expo 2000' (2000)

All those songs have more than one word, though...

Could be 'Spacelab' (1978)?  It only has one word, but not a womans

Those are the only things I can even remotely piece that to your


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I'm new to the list and am not exactly a Kraftwerk
fan, but I've recently been trying to track down a
Kraftwerk song that I first heard in 1988 and I hope
you guys can help.

A few minutes into the song (or maybe at the end), it
sounds like a chorus of women shouting "LEGS!" and
then you hear an echo of the word.  I don't think
there are any other lyrics in the song.

Sound familiar?


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