[KRAFTWERK] [Review] Warsaw, by Michael Whelan

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I'm sure he could take a picture of his robot and use that instead.

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Michael says he hasn't been able to post this report,
and asked me to send it:
"I tried to post  my report on the board but for some
reason it doesn't appear. ithink it must be human
error!Apologies.Warsaw!What a city.I               
have never seen so many beautiful women in my
life.Incredible...Anyway our trip got off to the best
possible start,when we met Ralf and Fritz at          
 passport control in Warsaw airport,I thank them for a
tremendeous night in Dublin in march,told Ralf,we had
travelled from Dublin especilally                     
to see them and he assured me they would be there the
next evening for the performance.He seemed in good
spirits as did Fritz.There was another                
dude with them which I didn't recognise though.I
wanted to ask Ralf for a look at his passport photo
for a laugh,but im pretty sure what his               
  response would have been.The concert wasn't sold out
and the crowd were a little subdued between each
number which was a little surprising,apart            
        from pocket calculator,when they went
crazy.Before the gig,I saw Florian checking out the
crowd in the hallway,I asked a 'security'guard could  
            he ask Schneider to sign my  programme and
was told in no uncertain terms 'no'!Sound was
incredible,Visuals superb!What more can I say MzDe!If 
                 you want to post this onto the
board,your more than welcome,I seem to be having some
difficulty for whatever reason!Friend Chip Dublin"

Thanks Michael!

"Hee hee.  Ralf's passport!"

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