[KRAFTWERK] San Francisco Pictures

KRAFTWERK.TECHNOPOP.COM.BR contact at technopop.com.br
Wed May 5 01:56:29 CEST 2004

Hello Jason and Sherry,

We would like to request your permission to publish some of these images
at Technopop site, giving to you all the respective credits.
We would like to know if you can send a scan copy of the tickets of
these concerts too. If it's possible, please send the material to
contact at technopop.com.br
We await for your contact.

Best regards,
Marcelo Duarte
Dante de Conti

JS> Hi all,

JS>   Check out these pics from night 1 of Kraftwerk's 2 San Francisco shows
JS> (that's me, Rick and Larry as "The Robots")...

JS> http://www.peonssuck.net/kraftwerk/

Best regards,
 Electram                            mailto:electram at terra.com.br

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