[KRAFTWERK] Kraftwerk in Warsaw

Tomasz K tkirmuc at a4.pl
Sun May 30 20:51:12 CEST 2004

Someone asked: "Sala Kongresowa" is a venue with all seating places. In
fact, it is Congress Hall where communist part had their meetings in "dark
ages". It is in Palace of Culture & Science build in 50's as a gift from
Soviet Union. Many peoples hate this place but I think it has certain spirit
("genius loci") & I like it (I saw many good concerts there, e.g.: King
Crimson, Yes, Tangerine Dream, etc.).

There are some nice picture taken by people from Lodz (town near Warsaw):

As I had seat in first row, I was really surprised how much of what is
heared is actually played by them live. Surround speakers made very good
job - I never heard such good, powerfull & clear sound in this venue before
(unfortunatelly, recording is not good enough to give that impression -
probably because it was taken from the balcony at the end of the hall).

Cameraman was present (I saw him several times taking "shots" from the back
part of the scene). I keep my fingers crossed for some concert DVD/CD from
them summarising this magnificent tour.

Ralf's interview for Polish Radio were in fact just two questions (& it was
translated into Polish by dj - so you hear Ralf & DJ at the same time). Not
interesting. But what funny stuff is: Ralf reading Polish lyrics for Pocket
Calculator. Sweeeet :-)

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