[KRAFTWERK] Kraftwerk in Warsaw

Don't t(h)read on my tentacles, Earthling! lepetitmartien at macmusic.org
Mon May 31 05:09:24 CEST 2004

Le 30 mai 04, à 20:51, Tomasz K a écrit :

> Many peoples hate this place but I think it has certain spirit
> ("genius loci") & I like it (I saw many good concerts there, e.g.: King
> Crimson, Yes, Tangerine Dream, etc.).

Interesting switch of aim.

> There are some nice picture taken by people from Lodz (town near 
> Warsaw):
> http://www.toya.net.pl/~polaris/kraftwerk/page_01.htm

Besides the cute eastern europeans (in Warsaw or in Praha ;) have you 
marked there seem to be some secret society around of people in red 
shirts and one biker…


Denis =G)

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