[KRAFTWERK] Min-Max being late

Matthew Dean limey at mailbox.co.za
Fri Aug 12 10:00:08 CEST 2005

Hey guys... where is The Herald Sun based? Anyway, at least
it only took a month, it is now over 2 months since MM was 
released and you STILL cannot get it in South Africa!!!

To the fans in South Africa - I have a spare copy of 
Minimum Maximum (UK release, NOT a CDR but an original), 
still sealed, any buyers???

Cheers all


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you know you want to. Oh go on! Pretty Please?

>            Reading my local paper, The Herald Sun
>(11/8/05) and I come 
>across the new album releases for this week, and spot Min
>Max, happy to see 
>it only took them a month to review it. It got 4 out of 5
>stars, so even the 
>music critic at the Herald Sun liked it, naturaly, I will
>send the article 
>to Technopop, when they reply to my emails.
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