[KRAFTWERK] Re: 'Ich war ein Roboter' on ebay

ivo6 at skynet.be ivo6 at skynet.be
Tue Feb 1 16:16:01 CET 2005

I got the news that the book can be listed again on ebay. However, the name 'Kraftwerk' may not be used.


>Maybe it's just another eBay f*ckup. It's quite possible that Kraftwerk & / 
>or their representatives have asked eBay not to facilitate sales of used 
>copies of the very first edition of \"Ich war...\" -- you know, the one w/o a 
>CD, the one that landed Wolfgang in court. 

>Isn't it also possible that the folks at eBay can't tell the difference 
>between the different editions of \"Ich war...\"? (After all, there is a 
>number to chose from...) No? You don't think so, eh? 'kay, let's get back 
>to the mudslinging... 

>Yrs, &c. Lech 
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