[KRAFTWERK] Re: 'Ich war ein Roboter' on ebay

Klaus Zaepke Klaus.Zaepke at gmx.net
Wed Feb 2 07:48:53 CET 2005

> Von:            	"Lech" <lech at telus.net>
> Maybe it's just another eBay f*ckup.  It's quite possible that Kraftwerk & / 
> or their representatives have asked eBay not to facilitate sales of used 
> copies of the very first edition of "Ich war..." -- you know, the one w/o a 
> CD, the one that landed Wolfgang in court.

No, apparently they are objecting all auctions with items from ex-
members, cover versions, compilations etc. which use the word 
"Kraftwerk" in the title, such as "Karl Bartos CD (Kraftwerk ex-
member"), "Simple Minds: Neon Lights (Kraftwerk cover version)", 
or "Moerderische Entscheidung CD (feat. Kraftwerk track)"...
I'm not a trademark expert, but to my understanding this is a 
misuse of Ebay's VERI programme... Any other opinions?

> Von:            	ivo6 at skynet.be
> I got the news that the book can be listed again on ebay. 
> However, the name 'Kraftwerk' may not be used.

Who gave you this info, Ebay or Kraftwerk? And did they explain 
why exactly the name "Kraftwerk" should not be used? I'd think 
that mentioning the word "Kraftwerk" in the auction title for a book 
about Kraftwerk can hardly be trademark violation, at least as long 
as it isn't done in a way that people might think that the book was 
*written* by Kraftwerk?...

> Von:            	"Edimes Cagliari" <catania4 at gmx.de>
> I think it is not correct to release a Book, if the Main Persons 
> don't want it.

He has never claimed that Kraftwerk had authorized the book...

> And then to release a second edition "ist eine Frechheit". 


     Klaus Zaepke

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