[KRAFTWERK] Re: 'Ich war ein Roboter' on ebay

abcdvitamin(MzDe) abcdvitamin at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 16:51:29 CET 2005

--- Klaus Zaepke <Klaus.Zaepke at gmx.net> wrote:

> No, apparently they are objecting all auctions with
> items from ex-
> members, cover versions, compilations etc. which use
> the word 
> "Kraftwerk" in the title, such as "Karl Bartos CD
> (Kraftwerk ex-
> member"), "Simple Minds: Neon Lights (Kraftwerk
> cover version)", 
> or "Moerderische Entscheidung CD (feat. Kraftwerk
> track)"...
> I'm not a trademark expert, but to my understanding
> this is a 
> misuse of Ebay's VERI programme... Any other
> opinions?

Opinions?  <waves hand wildly>

That the VeRI (and related VeRO, on ebay.com) aren't
administered on a case by case basis, but broadly?

Also, perhaps it might be better to ask the *sellers*
of the items if they are more likely to get a buyer if
they just identify an item as being by "Wolfgang Flür"
or "Karl Bartos" alone, or by trading on their former
...and bootlegs *are* bootlegs, hmm?  Else why would
people post, obliquely, that "you agree that you know
what you are buying" or however they word it...<koff>

(PS, hey Klaus, did you get that email I sent you

"Opinions! ;) "

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