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Wed Feb 2 17:25:25 CET 2005

--- Toby Frith <Toby.Frith at telegraph.co.uk> wrote:

> According to a graphic designer friend who is quite
> close to the EMI art department, the new remastered
> version of Metal on Metal appears on this
> compilation..
> Anyone got this or heard it?

Seems like a weird place for it to turn up, doesn't
it?  The "Heavenly" label?  
>From the Amazon page:
"It's A Party Album!, October 15, 2004
	Reviewer: A music fan from Australia
This territory is in danger of being exhausted, but
Don Letts has compiled a rockin' set that will have
you breaking on the floor with your shell-toe Adidas
in the air. Some good liner notes detail the scene,
where Don himself was an observer, filming The Clash
on their first major shows in New York. There are
plenty of photos of notable scenesters who you'll
either know or not, and the sound quality and
mastering is excellent (the Kraftwerk track is the
2004 master!). As an overview this set rivals the
Grandmaster Flash comp on Strut (there are also
several track duplications), and in some ways is
better because it's a little more diverse. Recommended
if you want some great party music that doesn't sound
like so much of today's hip hop sludge."

Can't tell much from the sample ;)

"Must know your friend, hmm?"

New music!...02/01/05

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