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Fri Feb 4 12:09:01 CET 2005


I'm convinced he did! I can't remember if it was written in "Man, Machine & 
Music" or "Ich War Ein
Robot" but definitely Wolfgang Fluer performed - it was Fluer who invented 
the electric drum that
debuted on the LP. But he only joined KW in mid-1973, and the album was 
released July/August of
1973, so he decided that because that album was R+F's "baby", he stayed off 
the credits and let
them call the LP "Ralf und Florian"... I'll have to read the books again and 
check it out... shame that
Wolfie was so gracious in that respect, and look how KW has "naaied" him 
with his book later on...


>As for Ralf & Florian album, interestingly Wolfgang also worked on that 
>towards the end, but because
>R+F had essentially done most of the work, he's not featured on the credits



No he not worked on the Album .

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