[KRAFTWERK] 'total work of art'

Nicolau Centola nicolau at polipress.com.br
Fri Feb 4 14:08:16 CET 2005

Nice point, Klaus.

But when the person in Kraftwerk isn't that important, why would 
they bother to change faces? ;-) If it's really just the concept that 
counts, it wouldn't be important whether the sleeve features the 
current line up or not...

 If it´s so important, don´t matter if there´s a Ralf+Florian face on it, the four heads or just a graphic. By the way, all records since Autobahn have faces on sleeve. Ok, Radioactivity has just at the inner sleeve, probably we cannot consider "faces" at Expo 2000, and some are real photos and other digital or robots. But in a way, there´s always the reference of "people who made the sound". I cannot remember a single video clip without the four line up. So Idon´t think it´s so abstract...

If it really is a 'total work of art', then Kraftwerk is not about the people in it -- the same way a sculpture isn't necessarily about who modelled for it.  Which is a concept that no doubts leads to problems (as Drella points out) when individual members don't 'get it' (that this isn't an ordinary band) & feel left out.

Huummm.. I really don´t know if we can compare music art and sculpture art. The process is totally diferent, but in a way we can consider a sculpture strongly connected with de modeller, don´t you think? And if it´s really art based/without face art, I would like to see more interactivity art, more web art and so on, considering KW is about technology...

Now, 'updating' sleeves is not an unusual practice when reissuing records. In fact, it's a bit of a gimmick.  If you find that hard to believe, take a look at all the CD / DVD reissues raining down on your local record shack.

Hummm.. I could not remember a single example. Of course I´m not talking about just changing the sleeve, but I was thinking about deleting credits, changing heads and so on...

My point is: what´s the problem to credit people who made the work of art? Even if the concept is facelles art (not KW case), why change the credits just to fix to a new line up?

Well, it´s a so complicated question, and we will see if we are crazy or if R+F are working on it when (if?) Der Katalog will be released. IMHO, all the new sleeves are poorer than the original...



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