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this might not work ... but here is a link to the interview, it is
about 8 megs ...



On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 13:09:22 -0700, Lech <lech at telus.net> wrote:
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> > i have a recording of the radio interview in which Highrail was
> > mentioned and the conversation goes as follows ....
> >
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> >
> > Andrew Collins - You actually made 2 abums i have never heard, first
> > Highrail and then Bar (spelling??) in 71 and 72, would i recognise
> > these as kraftwerk albums if i heard them?
> Ah, this Andy Collins obviously got his intel from one of those discography
> books that were popular before the Internet went public... I distinctly
> recall one that listed the above albums.
> "Bar" was quite likely the result of a typesetting error -- it should
> probably have been 'Var.', as in 'various': (I assume) a reference to the
> '71 UK double-album entitled "Kraftwerk", which could indeed be described as
> containing 'various' cuts from the first to German Kraftwerk albums, & which
> (disregarding "Tone
> Float" for a moment) was Kraftwerk's 'first' UK release.
> As for "Highrail", that particular compilation wasn't actually released
> until '79 (as part of Fontana's "Reflection" series).  Whoever compiled the
> discography for the aforementioned book probably didn't have access to (or
> perhaps, knowledge of) all the release dates (or even titles).  Hence the
> record label compo appears to have been listed as (what that discographer
> assumed to be) the 'first' Kraftwerk album, & the UK double ed as a
> 'various' compo.
> > Ralf Hutter - What is Highrail?
> It is in fact, as many of you have pointed out, a concoction created through
> the myriad of licensing deals that labels tend(ed) to get into.  Unless one
> assumes that Ralf personally (at that particular point in time, mind) cared
> about every compilation that contained Kraftwerk tracks, there's no reason
> for him to have any knowledge (or even care) about a compo dreamed up by
> some record industry hacks in order to cash in on the successes of
> "Autobahn" & "Trans-Europa Express" (see the connection:
> http://home.t-online.de/home/520078056126-0001/1gelphir.jpg ).
> And even if he does know about it, his mere knowledge doesn't make it an
> 'official' Kraftwerk release.  So he's free to feign ignorance & mind fuck
> clueless reporters for all he's worth... as has been his habit since the mid
> 70s.
> > he then goes on to talk about kraftwerk, kraftwerk 2 and ralf and
> > florian....
> So, in other words, he's quoted a bit out of context here, isn't he?  He
> gets a question about some long forgotten (well, not by collectors) label
> compo's he claims to have no knowledge of, & then goes on to talk about the
> records Kraftwerk actually (or if one prefers, 'officially') released in
> that particular period.  What's odd about that?  Why not ask him about "Suck
> It & See" while we're at it? (Hey, Ralf!  Was it any good?)
>         Yrs, &c. Lech

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