Klaus Zaepke Klaus.Zaepke at gmx.net
Fri Feb 11 08:41:49 CET 2005

> We have this video, and it's clearly showed "Top of the Pops 2",
> produced by BBC (Mark Hagen), then it's british TV, not german.
> In the end, the following credits:
> Written and presented by Steve Wright
> Archive Consultant: Alan Fitzjohn
> Dubbing Mixer: Andy Hewitt
> Video Caption Artist: Helen Ringer
> Videotape Editors: John Ramsoen / Paul Magor
> Executive Producer: Chris Cowey
> Assistant Producer: Haydn Davies
> Now you have all the informations and can tell to the people from > TOTP that they have not control about their own productions...

Better be careful. ;-) No matter what the credits say, the recording 
was made for German TV. The BBC has obviously licensed the clip 
for the UK edition of TOTP, but they didn't produce it.

    Klaus Zaepke

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