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Fri Feb 18 13:08:42 CET 2005

--- Electram <electram at terra.com.br> wrote:

> Hello to all,
> A fan from UK sent us the following message:
> > great news, reading an article in april edition of
> uk hi-fi
> > choice magazine with a guy named peter thomas from
> a company called
> > pmc who master music. he was asked what his
> favourite new record he
> > says he was at the matering of a new kraftwerk
> world tour 2004 cd
> > which he says is coming out this spring in stereo
> and surround. so
> > looks likely
> A live CD appears to be released too, joining the
> DVD and The Catalogue.
> But when... that's the question :-)
> Best regards,
> Marcelo Duarte
> Brazil

Good news!
Now here is some trivia...it seems that Peter Thomas
is one of the founders and the director of PMC...PMC
made those high-end monitors that are now part of
Kling Klang
and, it looks like their Consumer Sales Manager is a
bicycle racer...;)

Coincidence?  I think not ;)

"hee hee ;) "

New music!...02/15/05

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