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Jethroangel at aol.com Jethroangel at aol.com
Mon Feb 21 09:12:41 CET 2005

Okay, I am wondering...

I have over 900 albums in every genre from big band to hard core and almost 
every official Kraftwerk CD release, minus a few hard to find singles.   I am 
wondering what Genre this would classify as.   I am new to recording and 
created a genre I believe may fit with Krautrock, but am not sure.   Basically it 
verges on noise music but most of it is a good beat that plays along as any 
conventional song would but then it is heavily mixed with noise, harsh 
soundscapes, experimental vocals, light soundeffects, and a lot of technicals, that all 
add up to songs that are on the less conventional side of conventional with 
appropriately mixed experimental noise.   What genre would that classify as?   I 
know a lot about music and have an extensive knowledge in genres, maybe 
there's a genre I do not know about.   I sound similar to NEU!.
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