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Matthew Dean mattwerk at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 25 12:00:50 CET 2005


Help! I have Karl Bartos's albums Esperanto and Electric Music. I do not 
have Communication. I would
like to get an original copy, but sadly it is not available in South Africa 
(and ordering from places like
Amazon charges us expensive postage, and we also pay heavy tax when the 
parcel enters our

Can anybody copy me the album? Maybe any bonus tracks (if there are any)? I 
will happily copy
something for you in return.

The same goes for Wolfgang Fluer, I have Time Pie (original copy) but 
nothing else (and I don't
know if there's anything else!)... I'd also like the Balanescu Quartet 
"Repossessed" album... finding
the regular KW albums down here is hard enough, let alone their ex-members 
and tributes!

Sorry Karl + Wolfgang - but I if there is no way for us in RSA to buy the 
albums, I have to make a


>If you know, on the album "Communication" there are 10 songs, but it is 
>known fact (announced
>on karlbartos.com - you may check if you want, in year 2002-2003) that 12 
>songs were recorded
>in studio, and 17 songs were composed (10 of them already published). He 
>decided not to
>include some of them, because they had his vocal (un-vocoded or sometimes 
>mixed with vocoded
>parties), like in 15 Minutes of Fame, Life, Der Telefon Anruf and 
>Electronic Apeman (!!!). If
>you remember, once I sent here our "online interview" with him, he told - 
>he doesn't want to
>release new work too much. But somedays ago I've asked him about releasing 
>new works or just
>inserting them in his concerts - he answered that they are busy with "live 
>circus around the
>europe", may be next year...

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