[KRAFTWERK] OT (not that much) - Copy protection

Filtre4Pole catmeow at wanadoo.fr
Sat Feb 26 01:37:42 CET 2005

le 25/02/2005 4:27, Soleil Lapierre à lapierrs at cuug.ab.ca a écrit :

> On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Filtre4Pole wrote:
>> *lol* "...left it at that" ? Nope, believe me, you insisted again and again
>> (and you obviously continue >:-))  (oops... and we can bet you'll reply...
>> once again! ;-) No?)
> How can I not after reading something like that? If I didn't reply, you
> would think you had won. How could I let you suffer under such a mistaken
> impression? :)
He replied !  he replied !!! yep! I was sure ! :-D

> However, to avoid further annoying everyone with this noisy thread I'll
> cut out all but the below. If you insist on continuing to try to
> understand my position,

No don't worry I'll stop here (euhh, a few lines below ;-)). Your position
is understood since a while. It's your hypocrisy (*personally* I still feel
it like this, sorry) around some points that remains more questionable for
me. Ok, never mind. ;-)

> let's take it off-list. I think I've been clear
> enough for most people. Unless someone else wants me to continue, I'll end
> it here.
<mute agreement>

> I understand your position, BTW - I just don't agree with it.
You understand *now* ? Good point, I'm happy for that. Then maybe there is a
little chance that one day you'll realize... ... ;-)

>>> because I feel strongly that CD copy protection is wrong.
>> ...whereas 'official-like bootleg' is right, isn't it?
> Again, these are disconnected issues. You're using a straw man argument,
> though perhaps you don't even realize it.

Funny to see that you *never* answer the (im)pertinent (and somehow
embarrassing ;-)) questions I ask you, while you never miss to reply with
the same excuses a la 'it has nothing to do' and others. :-) Stop.

last message, *end of topic*

Maybe, perhaps,

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    I I
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