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abcdvitamin(MzDe) abcdvitamin at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 27 14:44:16 CET 2005

--- Peter Wormleighton <pete.worm at gmail.com> wrote:

> it just occurred to me ... their "shortened" live
> set which they
> performed at festivals last year was almost exactly
> the standard
> length of a CD ... 74 mins.
> Coincidence?
> i think not. :(
> i had just always assumed that we would be treated
> to a double CD but
> now i am concerned that i may be disappointed in
> may/march.
> pete.
> "that awful "short" version of autobahn and no
> pocket calculator!
> nooooooooooo ..."

Hmm, are you saying a straight run-through whole
festival concert, or utilizing the set-list but the
best version of each song.  
If that makes sense?

By the way, someone refresh my memory, does anyone
remember if they saw any professionals filming any of
the festival concerts?

"Still thinking DVD..."

New music!...02/15/05

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