[KRAFTWERK] 'Numbers' shot live

Dirk Matten elektropolis at web.de
Wed Jun 1 23:00:31 CEST 2005

DVD and CD are the same audio-tracks.

Anna Lüse

pmorsoletto at softhome.net, kraftwerk at activerecord.com schrieb am 01.06.05 22:58:23:

Activer wrote:

> Is it a preview from the DVD???

Definitely! It has shots of their equipment and the video is copyrighted to EMI. :)
I THINK IT IS A PREVIEW FROM THE DVD... and it rules even more than the CD!!!
Oh my! It will be 5.1... *drool* 

Did anyone compare this track to Numbers from Min Max promo? I'd like to know if
the songs are from different concerts on the DVD.
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