[KRAFTWERK] Re: Back in NYC....

tweibrecht at juno.com tweibrecht at juno.com
Thu Jun 2 15:46:27 CEST 2005

Top Ten KWerks tidbits from NYC...

10 - Parking a block away for 10 bucks.
09 - The black and tans @ the Molly Wee. Best quaff this side of Dublin.
08 - NO SECURITY to speak of. Probobly could have gotten my home stereo into the place.
07 - The sweet spot in the center of the floor.
06 - Reasonably quiet fellow concert-goers around me.
05 - The sound. Awesome, though not as loud as the last time, IMO. Seems they cranked it up during Radioactivity, but then quieted down again. Maybe it was just me. I could have handled more volume.
04 - The visuals. Spectacular. Though, were'nt there some mis-cues? Not that it mattered.
02 - Nice bathrooms.
01 - Who needs a T-Shirt when you can take home a DAT?

tw - (another very pleased customer)

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