Pwete pete.worm at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 12:54:50 CEST 2005

Minimum Maximum 4LP vinyl box set arrived today, a full 9 days before
it is supposed to be released in the UK. looks like someone made a mistake at
the shop. :D

it has to be the most beautiful product ever conceived ... ill take
some pictures later and send some links your way later.

Each of the four disks has its own sleeve with images from the tour
printed on the front of each cover. these will be familiar to those
who have visited the re-vamped Astralwerks site. there is a tour map
and credits (including credits for the "KlingKlang Krew" haha) on the
inside front cover and on the back inside cover of the box there is a
picture of them in their wire-frame suits. the box is incredibly rigid
and reminds me of the "Klang Box 101" or an enlarged catalogue box.

the whole thing has a real air of quality to it.


"Man and Machine in Perfect Harmony"

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