Spanish CD (was: Re: [KRAFTWERK] Chicago interview)

Der Automat automat at
Mon Jun 6 18:27:13 CEST 2005

activer wrote:

> > "We just finished a CD [in Spanish] before we went into the South
> > American tour, and now we finished a DVD".
> >
> > Spanish CD?
> No, but the boys live/work somewhere in Spain -supposedly-. I'm right,
> Der Automat?

According to rumours, Ralf and Florian are living in Mallorca (Balearic
Islands, Spain), at least for a long time every year, where they would have
their (or a) studio.

MzDe wrote:

> "Too far to commute to Kling Klang!"

By plane (or private jet) it's not too far. :-)


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