SV: [KRAFTWERK] Re: 2 kraftwerk shows on bittorrent (fantomasz)

Drella drellakraft at
Mon Jun 6 23:10:54 CEST 2005

Its amazing how much KW keep changing in the songs.
Elektrokardiogramm and Aerodynamik have a whole bunch
of new sounds on the concert from NY. EKG is soo
dystopic now and they seem to have a thing for
oldschool organs right now.. There is even a
churchlike organsolo! 
And there is a new funky bass on Homecomputer as well.
Its a plesure to listen to these recordings!

--- Fokker1918 at skrev:

> I have made these two shows (washington 5/30 and NYC
> 6/1) 320kbps mp3's 
> shared on soulseek. ( my uername is
> Fokker1918. Let me 
> know i you'd like them and I will add you to my
> list. 
> Cheers
> Grant deBruin
> Fokker1918

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