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Ok.. now that I've had a chance to totally unwind myself I think I can write a little about the concert.  I am still very tired from lack of sleep and having to work (cleaning houses is definatley not an easy job when you've only had 3 hours sleep!) but I think I can get my thoughts together.

First of all, we didn't get into the place until The Man Machine was almost over.  But at that point my friend and I were too busy trying to find our seats to really be able to enjoy what was left of the song.  During the first couple of songs after that, I was busy talking to a guy who was sitting in our row until he had to move back to his seat.  Also, let me point out that I had drank two bottles of Smirnoff (sp?) twisted black cherry in the space of 3 minutes while my friend and I were in the parking lot.  I do not drink very often so I was pretty buzzed for the first few minutes so I really don't remember much at that point except that I was getting a little tired of just sitting in my seat.  Finally, they started playing Tour de France and I could sit still no more!!  For the first few songs I was the only person in my section to be up and dancing.  Everybody else was just sitting or afraid to stand up.  But I didn't care -- after all, who could blame me?  The sound was intense!!  
This had to be the best sounding out of the 3 Kraftwerk concerts I have been to.  The bass was incredible for much of the show and it actually sounded as if they were playing live instead of just recreating the album versions of the songs.  I can't remember specifics but I do remember a lot of things being different in a lot of the songs -- not just a sound effect or a fill added here or there but actual changes in the way the some of the songs were played.  Aerodynamic stands out in my mind as one example.  There was a certain low bass sound that was so intense that I could actually feel the vibration in the ground.  Keep in mind that the floor of the Greek Theater under the seats is cement the vibrations from the bass actually shook it.  Now I love the low bass sounds that synthesizers create so I was in total heaven at that point.  It was totally intense.

The songs that stand out as my favorite from last night were: Tour de France, Pocket Calculator, Elektro Kardiogramm (totally intense bass), Aerodynamik, Numbers/Computerworld, the Robots, and Music Non Stop.  Overall, the sound was amazing and I was totally floored by it.  

As far as the visuals or what happened on stage goes, I was too far back to really see much of what was happening on the stage and way too into the music to be watching much of the visuals.  However there are a few things that I did notice.  First of all, during at least one song, Florian was moving around a bit - not dancing or anything but not standing totally still like he usually does.  Also, as somebody else pointed out, he was wearing his hat for part of the time.  Second thing that I noticed was that during the Robots, Ralf's robot had a problem with it's left arm.  The arm was moving but it wasn't bending at the elbow like the arms on the other robots.  Instead it stuck out straight part of the time sort of like a broken wing on a bird or something.  Everybody seemed quite animated on stage whenever I was paying attention to what was happening on stage (most of the time I was just getting into the music and dancing).  And last, there were several people who managed to bring cameras into the concert even though cameras were not allowed.  I found myself wishing I had brought my camera because I could have gotten some amazing shots with the 10x zoom.

After the show, my friend and I waited until Fritz appeard then I got his autograph.  I was in such total shock that I was barely able to speak and when I did finally say something, all I could manage to say was something like, " that was an great show!" (or something along those lines)  I also got to shake his hand.  I was totally beyond disappointed though when Ralf didn't come out.  That would have totally made my night if he had come out.  But I was grateful just to get Fritz' autograph.

Not much else I can think of right now but then again, I am actually lucky to be thinking at all considering the combined effect of lack of sleep and being tired from working.  

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