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Tue Jun 21 19:17:17 CEST 2005

Hi Simonet

European countries are cool; I lived in England and Holland
(ja en ik zag dat je een Nederlands adres hebt...) for 21
years before coming Africa. The idea of the European Union
is a bad one - look how badly countries are doing since the
Euro. One thing that I hated about the EU, is that most
countries don't even know what a referendum is. In Holland,
a referendum is only allowed if 250,000 people request one.
So, all these important decisions, and nobody gets to vote
about them! Then why call the place a democracy? (though I
must say, thanks to France and NL for voting "no" to the
EU constitution)

But as I said, my website no longer focuses on politics,
only Kraftwerk and South Africa. 

I may need some help, some advice from all you KW fans who
have websites. There are LOTS of people in South Africa who
KNOW Kraftwerk, but only "The Model" or otherwise they are
music experts who love obscure music. Our radio stations
NEVER play Kraftwerk, I have only heard The Model 1x on 
our local radio station and Expo 2000 1x on national radio,
and that is 2x in 5 years! The only place you will find KW
CDs is at the imported CD store, very expensive... 

How can I get some more publicity for Kraftwerk??? I want
my site to become THE site for SA Kraftwerk fans, but I 
also really want KW to become much more popular here in
Southern Africa, because ultimately I want Kraftwerk to
have a concert down here... 

Greetz :-)

> Hi,
> Political views ? European Union ? What's wrong with the
> Motherland ?
> Greetings,
> Simonet.
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