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And TDF '83 and The Model...

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Ralf plays most of the main melodies live. In fact, he makes mistakes
every now and then.

Henning is supposed to be the bass player, yet he plays (live) the
lead melody on Radioactivity.

On 6/23/05, jan svenungsson <jan at> wrote:
> For all you completists out there; I just accidentally came across
> this scientific paper:
> And I wanted to say that I think Kraftwerk are standing at their peak
> of achievement now. Yes, NOW - not 77 or 81 or 83...
> MM is fantastic: everything has been reworked for the better, without
> losing contact with the original idea or vision. There simply is no
> example of another artist within popular music who has achieved
> something similar. And it is the original concept of welding man and
> machine together which has made this possible. If the expressive
> power of their material had had anything to do with virtuoso playing
> or striking poses live - then this wouldn't have been possible, after
> 30 years. I also like TdF Soundtracks a lot, but it is true that its
> material has won the most on MM.
> Did anyone try the following: mounting mp3 rips of two MM versions of
> the same song (for example The Model) as parallell tracks in logic or
> some similar program, to see whether the music syncs perfectly or
> not... I want to do it but I haven't had the time and my software is
> in disarray. I tend to think there is hardly any "live" playing at
> all - which doesn't take anything away from the concerts. The
> disciplined way RF has to avoid answering any such question is of
> course also very important. I don't want him to change, but I'm still
> curious. (That R&F would be planning a book I think is pure
> impossibility!)
> What will happen now? I think there will soon be a new studio album!
> Jan

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