[KRAFTWERK] The year of 1973

Edimes Cagliari catania4 at gmx.de
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I also heard/read that they played alot live in 1973 (Rock in Deutschland.
Lexikon deutscher Rockgruppen und Interpreten, 1984)1

The Ralf and Florian LP was released October 1973 only in Germany
(Stefanowski [Aspekte Moderator] say also that "yesterday the new LP ...") ,
but i think it was released in November in UK!


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In Bussys book Man, Machine and music he claims that
KW toured germany during the early summer in a
Volkswagen van playing together with Plato Kostic on
bass. He also claims they played various concerts and
festivals often to an audience of 2000 or more. From
where has he got this information? According to
Twingos concertlist there isnt any concerts in germany
that year, though I have written down myself that they
played on the German-Rock Super-Konzert in Frankfurt
on the 19 of may 1973 (but i dont know from where I
got that information?!). And if the played this big
concerts they should have got some press coverage,
shouldn't they?!

Another question I have about this era is the time of
the release of the record Ralf & Florian. In Man,
Machine and music it's claimed the record was released
in November 1973 but the videoclip from Aspekte from
october 10 is showing the recordsleave! Of course this
could be a promo - but doesnt it seem like a long time
between this promotion-gig on TV and the release?

Anyone have any info or coments?


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