[KRAFTWERK] wives and children

MK McDowell mkmcd at qcwisp.com
Sun Jan 1 07:46:09 CET 2006

Ralf had a child??????  No freakin' way!  I knew about Florian and I've 
read Bussy's book as well.  There was no mention of Ralf having any 
children.  Where did you hear about Ralf's child?  Inquiring minds want 
to know! ;-)

BTW...Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!

circuit slave wrote:

>> From what I remember, Ralf lived with his sister from Pascal Bussy's 
>> book.  
> Florian had a girlfriend and then had  a child.  And then Ralf had a 
> child.
> This was recently as in, the last five years.  They both became fathers.

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