[KRAFTWERK] Got the DVD... + Germankraft

Matthew Dean kraftwerk_za at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 9 11:01:20 CET 2006

  Hi all
  So finally I listened to the MM DVD... W-O-W. That's all I can say. A little booklet would've been nice though.
  Now I listened to it on 2-channel PCM Stereo with my hifi - so no surround sound, but very clear and "thumping". The next day I went out and bought a cheap 5.1 Surround Sound set (something like 12-15w speakers and 25w sub) and although the sounds are nicely separated and very nice... there is not so much of the crisp, clear treble/bass. I noticed that I somehow can combine my hifi and the surround set and thus boost the sound a bit, but in some cases (eg Jean Michel Jarre) the hifi plays havoc with the surround effect and overshadows the other speakers a bit. 
  Any suggestions???
  Also, big shame about Germankraft; I learned so much about KW years ago. I really hope it's not a legal issue because if there's one thing that angers me about KW, it's their terrible attitude regarding suing the pants off everyone. They really are unfeeling robots eh... oh darn I have lyrics on my website, just now they'll close me down too! 
  Finally - I also got the MM CD in German as well. I feel it is a bit of a rip-off - TEE, RA all nicely Deutsch, but then other tracks that were in German, ie TDF - still in French. ??? 
  Oh well... cheers guys

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