[KRAFTWERK] false KW-related news

Richard Marston richmarst at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 9 20:43:19 CET 2006

>From: "Leonard R. Cleavelin" <leonard at cleavelin.net>
>Subject: Re: [KRAFTWERK] Helsingin Sanomat and false KW-related news

>At 05:58 PM 1/7/2006, Piero Lopalco wrote:
> >Somethings like this????
> >http://perso.wanadoo.fr/vivonzeureux/Pages/robotsmusickraftwerk.html
>I have to admit that the title "Twist Boogie Twist Robots" fascinates
>the hell out of me...

Such a touching story... shame it's appears to be a fake, because I love 
quirky tribute stuff:
"Utterly free of of all trade constraints, Vivonzeureux! Records offers you 
records that don't exist, drawing from an absolutely universal catalogue of 
recorded (or not recorded) music. These records are imagined, probable, 
potential, possible, but they are not available."

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