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aj ajmal.m at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 14:37:00 CET 2006

simply put, any generalisation based solely on race is clearly racist.
 Italian, american, german, english or ANY other nationality.  now
that ive got a bit of common sense out of the way lets get to the
strange bit...

...and what puzzles me about this thread is that people are
criticizing each other in public rather that in private (ironically,
it'd be funny if people's english wasn't so bad -- its like watching 2
children swear at each other.)

very sad all told.


On 18/01/06, Luca Dassi <kraftwerk at xeed.com> wrote:
> I agree, although for once I don't share MzDe point of view about
> Italians... some of us do some serious business there, sometimes even with
> foreigners, I swear.
> BTW MzDe how did you spot he's an Italian in the first place? Is our style
> so recognizable?
> Peace,
> Luca
> -----Original Message-----
> Could we all please stop this thread now?
> Thanks.

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