[KRAFTWERK] how it started and brainwashing

simon godrich sgodrich at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 28 18:56:16 CET 2006

Yeah, hi , I'm Simon and I'm a werkaholic.
  It all started in 1974, nothing heavy, just a bit of Autobahn, my sister bought the LP. Then in 1978 while staying with Roland, my german penpal in Duisburg, (just up the autobahn from Dusseldorf) I was given a cassette of Mensch Machine, that really opened the floodgates. 
  He called it electric music.
  After that I was hooked. 
  After Electric Cafe I dried out for a few years, experimented with other "music", even played drums in a blues/rock band for a while.
  Then the mix came along and it all came flooding back. 
  After a few more barren years, the internet arrived and all of a sudden there was information everywhere, bootlegs, downloads, more than I could handle. 
  Expo 200 and the TDF finally built up to the ultimate high, the live shows. I
  've had the privilege to witness 2 shows in the space of 10 months and now can't wait for more. 
  My wife says I'm beyond help, but then she likes Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.
  My youngest son likes the Balanescu Quartet version of Pocket Calculator and the oldest has just realised that kraftwerk samples and beats pop up all over the place.
  My werk is just begun!

Simon Godrich 


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