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Sytze en Theoliana s.boorsma2 at chello.nl
Mon Feb 19 21:12:20 CET 2007

> To my knowledge, Autobahn has never been released as a CD single. I'm sure it probably never will be, either. :-( 
> However, it was remixed in 1981 down to a six and a half minute single. BTW list, is that correct? 
I think so. 
> It was released on vinyl, but I have an MP3 of it if you like.

It's not really a cd single that I 'm looking for, just an official cd version of the original Autobahn single (the German one). I was hoping it had turned up on some official compilation. It was a worldwide hit, so I'm surprised it's not available in the "hit" version anymore... I do have the original single (of course :-)), but I was aiming for an official cd version, not vinyl or MP3. The 1981 single is a new one on me, however! Never heard of that.
BTW, the above paragraph applies to the "Kohoutek" single as well. As far as I know, this single is the ONLY place where those versions have appeared officially...

> For our new friend joining the list, welcome!

Thanks, Josh. Nice to be a part of this. And thanks for your "two cents" (which are not too long IMHO).


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