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For the love of Kraftwerk GO AWAY - post this crap privately to each other if you feel the need but PLEASE leave the Kraftwerk list out of it.

Moderator - can this constant rubbish from certain members not be 'eliminated'?

feargal meade <feargal.meade at gmail.com> wrote: heh, there are several people here beside an' behind me betting each other over future posts , heh , heh, one woman claims to have a certain ratio in her socks having laughed so hard..

 On 11/19/07, feargal meade <feargal.meade at gmail.com> wrote: actually get some one else to read from for you  

 On 11/19/07, feargal meade <feargal.meade at gmail.com > wrote:  A ''BUSINESS MAN'' here in ireland who owned an illegal pirate radio station when it housed an ''internet'' cafe[ WHEN I JOINED THIS LIST] has been scoulded over having a 3 story over basement devolpment in practically Derelict state for 2 years , strange, considering he got FIVE MILLION   [euro] to develop the site frome the BANK OF IRELAND, older users will remember me stating at that time that i went out for a smoke [when i did smoke before i had kids, etc, ] and heard staff refer to kraftwerk as  kraftwerk@#$$!@!@$ , hence my computer browsing being slighty less proffessional. that site is still owned by the guy. it's not the same site as mentioned above.  

 On 11/14/07, Robert Plunkett <robertplunkett24 at yahoo.co.uk  > wrote:  Well sorry but I could not make sense of your post. You just posted a bunch of links to a Russian mp3 site which requires that you pay for mp3s. There is many such sites out there but I won't name them here.  

The point is why post these links when these shows that you mentioned can be obtained for free from Kraftwerk fans, probably in a much better format than mp3.

feargal meade <  feargal.meade at gmail.com> wrote:  sorry bob, i have to say i yet again, do not have even the vaguest
idea what you are on about this paticular time, i do not own a credit  

On Nov 13, 2007 8:22 PM, Robert Plunkett wrote:
> um why would someone give their credit card details to a dodgy Russian site
> for live bootlegs when they can get them for free from the nice people on  
> this board.
> Waste of time.
 > feargal meade wrote:
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17920/Re-Werked_Remix/  
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17921/Ultra_Rare_Trax/
>  http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17919/Live,_Detroit/
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17917/Live,_Tribal_Gathering,_Luton/  
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17918/Robotronik_Ubermensch/
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17899/Apollo_Theatre,_Firenze_(Hyper_Cerebral_Machine)/  
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17902/Hammersmith_Odeon,_London_(Complete_Computer_Tour)/  
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17904/Live,_Luxembourg/
>  http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17905/Live,_Paris/
>  http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17906/Live,_Tokyo/
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17907/Live,_Vredenburg,_Utrecht/  
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/17893/Live,_Cologne/
>  http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/67129/Euro_Xclusive_07/
> http://eng.cdonpc.ru/album/6272/Magic_Instrumental_vol._4/  
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