[KRAFTWERK] Hatchback-Colors_of_the_Sun-LO70-CD-2008

Masek János masek82 at freemail.hu
Sat Sep 6 11:17:26 CEST 2008

give it a try if you want to! :)
it's modern, but not bat at all.


from the info file:

            Spanning Neu like motorik grooves, sunny disco
            moves, epic ambient journeys that rival Vangelis
            or Klaus Schulze for sheer electronic deepness and
            downtempo funk head nodders with Kraftwerk
            keyboards, this is a such a perfect summer album
            that it can make it seem like summer anytime of
            the year. If Dennis Wilson was still alive he'd be
            making music like this.  

rapid link:

bye, masek
from Hungary

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