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First of all I want to say welcome to Biirgit. I think you will enjoy this discussion list.

Came across an interesting interview today with Ryuichi Sakamoto, synth wizard of the yellow magic orchestra. He clearly states YMO were very much influenced by Kraftwerk:

"While studying in university, he realized there was more to German music
than Stockhausen, and started cultivating a serious interest in the
German popular music of the time, from bands like Kraftwerk to hippie
Krautrock groups like Can and Faust. "I got really excited when I found
the first two albums of Kraftwerk, when they still had long hair,"
remembers Sakamoto, chuckling. "And Neu!, Faust, and Can of course. Not
Tangerine Dream, but Klaus Schulze. So yes, I've been listening to
those for a long time."

"Kraftwerk, especially, would have a lasting impact on Sakamoto and his
bandmates in YMO. "Even in the beginning of that time when we were
doing YMO, of course we knew Kraftwerk, and we thought their music was
so German," says Sakamoto. "It was conceptual, kind of theoretical,
very focused, simple and minimal and strong. And even the timbre, the
sound of their sense of sound, is German to us. It's very strong and
kind of heavy and solid. We wanted to make something very Japanese, in
contrast. It's a very good contrast, Kraftwerk and YMO. YMO had a
mixture of everything--American music influence, European music
influence, classical influence, pop-so many. It's like a bento box. And
we thought that was very Japanese."

So it seems in the world of electronic music, everything comes back to Kraftwerk. Full interview here for those interested http://www.theoriginalsoundtrack.com/blog/archives/00000615.htm

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Hello everybody :-)
I'm new in here.
I just watch Fritz Lang's great movie "Metropolis". I was amazed of the amount of Kraftwerk I could see in this picture. Ralf and Florian must really have seen this old classic about a million times and learned more from it than I think they every will admit. 

(A bit pointless info - in case anybody wondered - yes, I was knitting a part of a hat while wathcing the movie ;-)  )

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