[KRAFTWERK] Computer Love at Tribal Gathering?

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Thanks for the link of your nice site. I've checked the concert tracklist
and it had been shortened in comparison to the other '97 concerts.

The concert featured in the bootleg "Virtu Ex Machina" was recorded by
soundboard equipment at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, on September 7th. I've
heard that it was an broadcast recording too.


Thanks for all the info about the Tribal Gathering broadcast and audience
recordings currently available. I have both the recordings, but I wanted
assure myself about that concert tracklist, as it had been shortened in
comparison to the other '97 concerts.

About the Nagoya '81 concert, there really is the complete recording from
this one. I have it and it's the same concert as in the bootleg "Oriental
Computer", although the quality is a bit poorer, but nothing that would
bother our ears.


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> I have a picture and tracklist from the show on my KW pages...
> ?
> http://hem.fyristorg.com/kraftwerk/
> ?
> just push "Images" and "Tribal Gathering"....
> ?
> Is Nagaya 81 the same as the "Virtu ex machina" bootleg - excellent (except
> for the fake intro which is very good Walter/Wendy Carlos but not KW)
> soundboard(?) recording from Japan 81!?
> ?
> Mats, Sweden
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> Hi David
> Computer Love was not played at this show. Bootleg covers often feature
> pictures which have no relation to the actual show.
> Here is the complete tracklisting
> Intro (0:39)
> Numbers (4:07)*
> Computerworld (3:27)*
> Home Computer (7:14)
> Man Machine (7:43)*
> Tour De France (6:31)
> Autobahn (11:35)
> Radioactivity (7:39)*
> Trans Europe Express (2:31)*
> Abzug (3:32)*
> Metal on Metal (4:56)*
> Pocket Calculator/Dentaku (10:00)*
> The Robots (11:18)*
> NEW TRACK (5:56)
> Boing Boom Tschak/Music Non Stop (10:18)
> The tracks marked with a star were not broadcast on radio. The audience
> version is the complete show however "trans europe express" is taken from
> another show. This is probably because the Laserdisc cut out during the song
> so he had to "patch" the recording. But if you take the broadcast and
> audience versions to together you have the whole show.
> David, can you answer a question. Do you know anything about the 1981
> Nagoya show?. The last show in Japan on the 81 tour. There is an incomplete
> version called "oriental" but I have recently heard a more complete version
> which seems to be of the same quality. It is a 1st gen bootleg and the sound
> is the best I have heard in a bootleg.
> Cheers
> Robert
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