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They got a mention on UK tv on Friday night as well, in the 'Harry and Paul' comedy show in a sketch with two (very) old dj's who briefly mentioned a 'Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express remix' (or something similar)

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I saw that too, it was a bit surprising... Don't know if the socks were hand made or not, but the Kraftwerk logo was definitely stitched on there by hand...
A picture of these wonderful socks, from the tv show, is available here:

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This weekend, in the Swedish TV programme "Videokväll med Luuk" (roughly "Video night with Luuk") the singer Lena Philipsson, one of Sweden's most popular female pop artists, received a gift from the show's host which was a pair of knitted wool socks, with a green "Kraftwerk" logo knitted as a decorative detail. She's a synth fan and like that kind of music, though not Kraftwerk exclusively.

The socks looked custom knitted, but I am not sure.

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