[KRAFTWERK] Catalogue petition (again)

Josh electrokinesis at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 18:29:24 CEST 2008

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes, it's a dumb idea.

The reason The Catalog has not been released is that it isn't perfect,
there's mastering errors, probably in the down conversion from 96KHz 24 bit
to 44.1 KHz 16 bit for the eventual release on CD. If you're not sure, have
a really close listen to It's More Fun To Compute and one of the tracks off
The Mix, both with clearly audible pops / glitches.

Better to stop whining about it and do what the rest of us that couldn't get

our grubby little hands on a box did, obtain it by other means.


Like I said, I knew it was silly. ;-P

I do have the collection on MP3.

I do hear skipping glitches on "Dentaku" from The Mix;
however, I haven't noticed the other ones that you mention.
I'll have to take another listen.

I'm one of the the few who actually wants to *pay money for the box*
I'm not going to buy the ones on eBay, because for that price I could have
Klang Box or most of the merch from Kling Klang Konsumprodukt.

I only download when I don't have any money the buy the release, or
if I hear the record is really bad and I want to "try before I buy". :-)

- Josh
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