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Here's an mp3 for anyone who wasn't able to listen in. Sorry Paul, I  
didn't catch the other parts you mention. I'll listen again, capture  
and post them separately if anyone's interested:



On 6 Jul 2009, at 22:55, <paul.wilkinson01 at tesco.net> <paul.wilkinson01 at tesco.net 
 > wrote:

> well I just heard it and I thought it was a good interview,
> I like the plans of the catalogue, very exciting... can't wait for  
> that.
> I thought the bit on Florian was as expected but what university is  
> he at (which one is that.....
> but i think the answers mean a few things.. a bust up of them both  
> and the lawyers are involved
> however if you have or have not listened to it yet make sure that  
> you listen to the beginning of the show as it takes about two of the  
> five of us who went and did the merchandidse stalls as fans... they  
> were on the stall selling to the seated fans
> and at the end there is a fax/ email from frits telling the  
> presenters for not being complimentary on tour de france soundtracks  
> album.... classic..
> typical sturt mcconnie never does his research properly as he  
> mentioned the electric cafe tour at the beginning of the programme....
> THANKS for the compliments about the Velodrome gig review I did...  
> much appreciated I am so glad that you enjoyed it...
> Paul

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