[KRAFTWERK] Japanese remasters?

jkrisor at rz-online.de jkrisor at rz-online.de
Tue Oct 6 13:11:06 CEST 2009

Yes I can cofirm this. According to the description JPC.de is (pre)-selling a japanese version of the CDs but NOT of the CD box (with the 8 CDs). To be sure I would contact JPC.de.


Philip Spedding <philip.spedding at googlemail.com> schrieb:

> JPC.de seems to be pre-selling japanese versions to be released on 4.11.09
> (could a german speaker confirm this?).  Given the date, presumably these
> are remasters.  Amazon.jp doesn't seem to have them but if they do exist
> then maybe there will be remastered Dentaku?

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