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Bring on the Gear Sluts !!!


I would pay very good money in order to know exactly which device produced
exactly what sound on the KW albums !!!!!!

A lot of us would!  



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My preference for credits is to simply list names and not be too specific
about precisely what people did, unless copyright/royalties depend on it,
i.e. to identify the composers and lyric writers. 

After several decades it must be hard to evaluate all the various
contributions and their relative merits on what must have been collaborative
efforts at least occasionally, unless the internal hierarchy was so rigid it
didn't allow for such things to happen.  

Now that I am thinking about it, one of the things I always liked about the
Kraftwerk album releases from the 70s were that the credits were
deliberately understated and opaque: "voice + electronics" or some such
phrase - simple, elegant and rather enigmatic. 

It was as if they were saying all the paraphernalia required to create and
record the music isn't actually the point. It can become such a fetish in
the music business, for example there's a famous photo of Steve Howe of Yes
and his hundred or so different guitars... Anyway, the lack of "tech-spec"
helps you hear the music as a whole, rather than becoming distracted by
trying to guess what bits of kit created each sound element. 

This contrasts with people like Klaus Schulze and Jean Michel Jarre, who in
their 70s albums seemed so eager to list every bit of equipment they used,
as if it were evidence in itself of a kind of technical virtuosity or
commitment to what was seen then as rather unconventional musical making.
It's like publishing a shopping list of ingredients or utensils as a
justification for the things they make, rather than letting the music speak
for itself.

> no bartos is not credited on the mix
> have to wait and see and the wolfgang thing..... but he has his book for
his side on the story...
> but for example florian is credited to doing electric drums on the
autobahn album and wolfgang is only credited on performing drums on
kometenmoelodie 2
> intresting.....


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